Offshore industry

High safety standards

Installations in the offshore industry are exposed to extreme weather conditions and an increased corrosion risk due to salt water. Moreover, the constructions need to be protected against possible fires that can reach extremely high temperatures. It is for these reasons that exceptionally high safety standards apply in this industry. Standards that all companies involved are held to.

Vessel for refinery in TSA (Thermally Sprayed Aluminium)

Valemon Jacket

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In the offshore industry, there is still ample opportunity for interesting proposals and innovative solutions. You could for example consider a metallized coating instead of a painted coating for boat propellers. Although the initial investment is higher, the much more durable corrosion protection means a considerable reduction in maintenance costs. As less maintenance work has to be carried out, the ship’s downtime is reduced and thus its transportation capacity increases.

The Thialf crane vessel places a platform coated by DCS on its jacket

Oil rigs must be protected from extreme weather conditions and fire

Valemon Jacket nearing completion