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Hanging metallizing robot


You might almost have forgotten about this because the technique is so commonly used these days: DCS introduced metallized coatings to the Netherlands.

Metallizing machine for large pipes

Our innovations

Over the years, the DCS team has developed many innovations for the blasting, coating and metallizing of constructions and the registration of quality inspections.


By automating the production process, DCS can offer its clients a higher quality and faster delivery at a lower price. Moreover, our innovations enable us to provide more flexibility and respond to changes more rapidly.

Metallizing robot

Own design metallizing robot


Most companies have their own R&D department. Not DCS. At DCS, the whole company, from management to production worker, is involved in the improvement of products, techniques and processes. Due to our history in the offshore industry, with its high safety and quality standards, we know where to find the perfect solution for every situation. And, if need be, we’ll just invent a new solution.


In the automotive industry, for example, the use of robots has been common practice for many years. The advantages are obvious: faster production speed, higher and more consistent quality, less heavy workload for production workers and lower costs.

Own design metallizing machine for large pipes